Since 1993

MAV – a family paint company

For 29 years, MAV has been producing exterior and interior paints, primers, fillers, decorative materials, powder coatings, professional coatings for metal and wood, products in aerosol packaging.

Decorative materials

Primavera ® is a decorative complex of water-borne paints and varnishes for interior works.  


FLAGMAN - the first smart coatings which applied in professional industrial construction, individual building for internal and external usage.


The largest R&D laboratory in the country  

Powder coatings

AMIKA is the first belarusian powder coatings brand. Intended for the use in electrical equipment, metal structures production, household appliances and tools, mechanical engineering, machine tool building, and other areas.

Aerosol cans Since 2019 producing products of our own development in aerosol cans. Work on contract manufacturing

Since 1993 Decorative materials FLAGMAN - SMART PAINTS CERTIFIED PRODUCTS Powder coatings Aerosol cans MONOLIT Brava
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