About the Company

MAV is a family company producing water and solvent-borne professional paints, powder coatings, products in aerosols cans and coatings for the DIY market in Belarus and one of the most famous paint brands in the country (data provided by MPP Consulting Agency, 2018).

A video tour is available for the viewing below:

Production and head office are located in Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region, Belarus and complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015. Each kilo of coatings produced by MAV is a professional approach to environmental safety and concern for human health.

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We paint production and administrative buildings, historical and cultural objects, medical and educational institutions, sports facilities, cafes, bars, restaurants, private buildings, industrial premises and other public facilities.

Not to swim in the wake of competitors, but to set standards in the field of paints and business conduct - the mission of MAV company. We have been following the chosen path since 1993 and this is just the beginning.

Для заказа продукции звоните:

Отдел заказов: +375 1716 6 13 226 13 23; МТС: +375 29 507 06 96;
Отдел приема заказов в Минске: +375 17 367 96 57, +375 17 367 97 23,
                                                А1 +375 29 660 70 12, +375 29 660 50 72
Отделы продаж+375 1716 6 12 26; 6 13 24 ; МТС: +375 29 507 06 96

Посетите одну из точек продаж в вашем городе.

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